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11 years of music production experience
Created over 1.000+ tracks & produced over 40 genres.


Why artists work with us.

Authentic Music

We always strive to a certain level of authenticity so the artist in question can standout in the masses with the sounds they wish for, so their sound will definitely be recognizable.

Delivering Quality

We strive to bring the highest possible quality to the table, so our productions can compete with other tracks of leading artists in the music scene.

Following Trends

As time moves on so does the sound of Dance music, we always are aware of the newest and latest trends sound wise within the Dance music scene stay ahead.

Versatile Genres

As we have more than 11 years of experience in producing music, we have the ability to create more than over 40 genres within the field of electronic dance music.

House - #1

Subgenre: Deep House
BPM: 126 BPM
Key: C# Minor

Techno - #2

Subgenre: Melodic Techno
BPM: 124 BPM
Key: F Minor

Hard Dance - #3

Subgenre: Hardstyle
BPM: 150 BPM
Key: G Minor

Hip-Hop - #4

Subgenre: Hip-Hop
Key: G Minor

House - #5

Subgenre: Future Rave
BPM: 128 BPM
Key: A Minor

Drum & Bass - #6

Subgenre: Melodic D&B
BPM: 175 BPM
Key: F Minor


Frequently asked questions.

Which artists did you work with?

Unfortunately we can not tell who we worked for, because we value the privacy of our clients. But we produced tracks which reached well over 500.000 streams on major streaming platforms.

How much does a track cost?

Most of our projects range between €850 to €1500

Can I order multiple tracks at a time?

Yes you can, you get 5% discount if you buy 6 tracks at once. when ordering an “album” of 12 tracks you receive  a total of 12% discount.

Do we work internationally?

Yes, we are based in Belgium and have clients in Germany, England, France and The Netherlands.

How are the royalties split on tracks?

We standard have 50 / 50 split in our agreement when it comes to royalties. if you want to claim all royalties (100%) it is possible to buy our royalties which you need to contact us at:

What are the payment terms?

40% upfront before we start a project and 60% after the demo has been approved.

How long does a track-project take?

Most of our projects take between 2 weeks and 1 month.


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